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Here at TeleData, Inc. our technicians are manufacturer certified.

Leviton® was founded in 1906 to manufacture a single product: tip mantles for gas lights. Since then, the Company has become a leading North American producer of electrical and electronic products.The Panduit Network Connectivity Group is the world leader in Network Connectivity Solutions; offering complete systems to connect, route, manage and identify your network infrastructure.

COPPER: Your cable order will not be "farmed out" but handled personally by our trained staff of technicians. We install network cable category 5e and 6, and Page Systems/Timer Tones.

FIBER:  Our technicians are trained to install and terminate Single and Multi Mode fiber.  We have an OTDR that certifies all fiber terminations and can find any fault locations within your fiber.  Our fusion splicer gives us the capability to splice fiber without much, if any loss, then a sleeve is added to keep the fiber clean and protected.