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TeleData, Inc. Emergency Service Policy

Overtime and Emergency Charge $120/hour portal to portal travel and on-site charge.

Emergency calls received during normal TeleData, Inc. business hours will be responded to within 2 hours of your request if it qualifies as an emergency under TeleData, Inc. guidelines.*  The hours left in the normal business day must be double the time it takes to reach your location plus the two-hours response window.  Otherwise, your request is either a customer declared emergency or falls within the after hours policy.

Customer declared emergency:  Portal-to-portal overtime rates apply IF a qualified technician is reasonably available.

After hours emergency service is ONLY available if your company has a current Warranty Certificate, a current Maintenance Contract that includes this service, current Service Plan or a Pre-Purchase Plan.

*Guidelines for TeleData, Inc. Emergency include the following circumstances:  System down; unable to receive or make calls, Main line down, Voice T1 down; Security or fire alarm line down.