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Information Regarding Call Fraud

Call fraud has always been a concern for us and our customers, but as of recent years it has become an escalating problem.  So far, all the call fraud incidents that we have received have been with customers that have a Panasonic phone system, and we have not seen any issues with call fraud through a ShoreTel system at this time.

We, as a company, take this issue very seriously and don’t want to see any of our customers go through trials like the ones outlined in this article.  Our technicians are knowledgeable in the best practices to prevent call fraud and implement them during installation.  However, if it is thought that a system has been hacked there are a number of things our technicians can check and/or change, including; checking for evidence of a specific call, disabling international calling (when advised by the customer that it is ok to do so), and changing the phone systems passwords, among other things.

We have found evidence of call fraud within phone systems call logs before, but it is actually very rare.  The incidents we do find are normally because of a lack of passwords on a voicemail box.  Because of this, we urge everyone to make sure that every employee with a voicemail box has a strong password for it.

The rarity of evidence that a call has been made fraudulently within the phone system leads us to question if the calls make it to or through the phone system and if it is instead being done by someone using a specific number as their caller ID and placing the call through a telephone company provider.  The telephone company would see the stolen number as the call that made the international call and would send a notification, even though it is not going through the phone system, and may be the telephone company itself that is being hacked.

There is a method to prove whether or not the call went through the phone system.  It could be seen as a large expense, but pales in comparison to the amount of money telephone companies are trying to charge people for fraudulent calls.  A device that captures and stores every call going through the phone system (in and out), producing evidence that fraudulent calls were never made, and/or delivering notifications of occurring fraud, is our best answer to this continuing issue.  With notification, the system can be shut down and the fraud stopped, or saved records can produce information showing the calls did not originate from the phone system.

The estimate for installing this device is $940.65.  This is an estimate that represents a best case scenario.  If you would like more information on this device or a quote to have it installed on your system, please call or email a TeleData, Inc. customer sales representative.