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Founded in 1989, TeleData, Inc. was a dream of the owner who started working with Telecommunications while serving in the US Air Force.  Getting out of the military led him to look for a job in this field of expertise.  He worked for Action Telephone for 10 years before the business went under.  Learning the tricks of the trade and how to manage a business during his employment, he was able to start up TeleData, Inc. with one customer backing him and only himself as an employee.  Business started to thrive in the early years, leading him to hire office personnel and more technicians.  TeleData, Inc. has continued growing through the years, with 1,000 customers locally and interstate, making a name for the company but keeping the small business feel.  The company is still run by the same man who founded it, passing on his knowledge of Telecommunications experience from years past to his technicians, and collectively implementing the Telecommunications of the present and future.  Technology is important for every company, but for TeleData, Inc. it is the heart of the business.  Knowing Telecommunications from 30 years ago enables the company to help smaller companies that may not be ready for the future of IP systems quite yet.  Knowing Telecommunications of now and looking to the future enables TeleData, Inc. to setup and show all companies where we’re headed and how to best get there.  Technology has gone from phones connected with 50 pair cables to now running on your network, and through the years, TeleData, Inc. has been right there, keeping up with all of it.

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